BalCAN Recruitment & Mobility Incorporated is a company that specializes in the recruitment of foreign candidates wishing to work and settle in Canada. BalCAN R&M's goal is to contribute to the reduction of the unemployment rate and to solve the labour shortage problem in Canada. Our contribution is aimed at reducing or eliminating the gap that exists between Canadian employers and foreign workers who are available and capable of filling vacant positions.

The integration and retention of candidates are our main priorities in recruiting for employers. That being the case, we accompany candidates throughout the entire process, starting with the selection of candidates, through immigration, reception and finally the integration of workers once they have arrived in their new environment.


Thanks to our partnerships on several continents, we have succeeded in building a database of quality candidates. We will pre-select the candidates that we will present to you for the final selection, and then we will help you in the organization of the interviews with the pre-selected candidates.


In times of severe labor shortages, recruiting temporary foreign workers is a long-term solution that can support the economic growth of a company facing a labor shortage. BalCAN R&M works with you based on an analysis of your labor needs and provides a comprehensive solution.

Thanks to the expertise we have developed and the presence of recruitment and immigration professionals in our teams, we are able to accompany you in this project with a turnkey program. From recruitment to the immigration process, and then to the integration of the workers, our team will ensure that the process runs smoothly. In addition, we ensure the replacement of a worker at no extra cost* if there is a major problem during the first year of the contract.


Our specialized services mentor and expose the candidate to the culture of the company as well as the destination province and Canada as a whole. Selected workers receive training and information on their new professional and social environment.


Once the worker has arrived, we offer personal administrative support to guide the workers in their first steps on Canadian territory and to help them integrate into society. (Information on the communities of attachment as well as the places that could give them a sense of belonging: community centers, local food stores, community associations, etc.)

Finally, if you need to recruit mechanics, labourers, welders, patient service workers, material handlers, machinists or any other position, contact our team to learn more.

What you gain by working with us

  • Expertise
  • Competence
  • Personalized service
  • Know-how

What we do for you

  • Offer a combination of recruitment and immigration services
  • Bridging the gap between you and the qualified candidates you seek
  • Access a large pool of available talent